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Catching up

Posted by Casey Bopp on

Woohoo! It has been a busy season.

We are still backed up, however we are now making some headway and will be clearing up some orders. I'm working to have a faster email response time, I'm very sorry about the delays.

I have put a hold on all new copper healing wands and energy amulets. Copper pyramids have just become discontinued.

Current status: 
Retail orders: 17......... (Worked through the night and made it 8 now :) who needs sleep, not this wizard! ) 
Oldest being 7 weeks old. 
We still have 4 orders that were placed in July. 

Wholesale Orders: 8...
Oldest placed in June
Approx 400 wire wrappings need to be made.

Fortunately I have a wonderful wire-wrapper to help with these so I can focus on retail more.



Currently 10:27 PM, about to head back into work to get some orders ready to be shipped for Monday.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 



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