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Grimoire of the Apprentice Violet Fire Wizard Update

Posted by Casey Bopp on

I know a lot of you have been anxious to get our in house written spell book. Good news is that the majority of the grimoire is complete! The instructional information for the grimoire is finished, now I am working on writing and collecting spells and exercises. 

So far, we have around 9 spells for the grimoire, including multiple violet fire spells, a spell breaking spell, and robe and hat enchantments. 

The grimoire is designed to be a smaller leather bound pocket sized grimoire. It is not intended to carry too much information and spells, but it focuses much more on to the point magical information and small short articles on classic and obscure magical subjects. 

Part of the point of this grimoire is to help the young student of the universe learn about magic and learn about how to become a real wizard. Part of this process is study, this grimoire is intended to offer basic information about a number of magical subjects. Its up to the wizard in training to research these subjects further in other areas and learn to process of proper magical research.


I am still intending on having the Grimoire of the Apprentice Violet Fire Wizard released sometime in 2015 (likely November or December  if all goes well).

The expected release price for this pocket sized grimoire spell book will be $40. 



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