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Healing Amulet III Released

Posted by Casey Bopp on

Our coil technology has been making great leaps and bounds recently. With new discoveries we have discontinued our Healing Amulet Version 2, and are introducing our new Healing Amulet III. 

The new design offers a mild draining aspect which helps with cleansing and removing pain.

This design also helps to keep overactive and hyper persons more stabilized and mellow. When worn it will drain mildly from the solar plexus and energize the heart, this discourages anger and frustration and encourages love and higher emotions. 

The pendant is designed so that it can be held in the hand for self healing (self cleansing/energizing), or used as a basic pain drain wand, simple touch the purple end of the pendant at the painful spot for mild pain relief/healing.

This amulet is made with copper, Citrine and Fluorite.

Can be worn with our Energetic Health Amulet for a stronger effect.

Priced at $28. 

Currently available on request.

Website release date: Unknown.


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