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New Copper Wands

Posted by Casey Bopp on

This year we have had quite a demand for my custom copper healing wands, just about every part of the year I have a copper wand waiting to be crafted, as soon as I finish the last wand another set gets ordered.

Thank you! This is a great success for the development and growth of copper healing devices. Many of you have felt the positive healing effects of our copper wands and will be very happy to hear our development news.

We will be starting to create new higher level advanced copper wands. I'm working to up our choice of 2 styles of custom wands to 4 custom styles of copper wands and a new set of breath of life healing coils.

 We are all very excited at releasing these new devices, we have seen a large amount of headache, back pain and joint pain relief with our new devices.

You can request our fully developed devices before they make it live on our website.

Finished non released products available for request:

Breath of life healing coils basic $45
Breath of life healing coils Advanced $75 
Healing amulet V3  $27  (requires to be used with another amulet)




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