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A Cells Life (short story idea)

Posted by Casey Bopp on

I had a wonderful creative point of view story concept I wanted to share with anyone who reads these rantings.


The entire story takes place from the point of view of a cell in a human body, the cell lives its daily life much like we do ours. It interacts with others like and not like itself, the cell has to deal with racism, segregation and over zealous religious fanatics. 

One of the scientist cells discovers a way to communicate with the "god consciousness", when the cell learns to communicate with the  universe around them (the human), they ask, "which is the right religion", "are we made in your image?" The humans replies are quite simple and obvious to other humans, but not so obvious to those who know nothing of a humans life. The human knows nothing of the cells created religions, whether they would be accurate or not. To the human, the cells are part of them, to the human they don't see all of the cells as being different, and they certainly don't see themselves as a god to another entire universe.

But to the cells, the human is god. 

..... eventually,

The human wonders, what if I'm just a cell in a body? Am I a cell in a brain?

(show image of brain ion channels)
(show image of galaxy clusters)



I have so many ideas without the time to implement them, if anyone wants to use this concept I give them free rights to it. Please just send me a copy of whatever you make. :)



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