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Athames, daggers and ritual knives

An athame is a ritual dagger, usually double bladed with a black handle. The athame usually represents the element of fire in most traditions. We know that good athames are hard to find, when you do find an athame its usually cheaply made, and more like a letter opener than a ritual tool. Which is why we've decided to only offer you quality athames not available anywhere else. Merlin's Realm athames are made from a strong single piece blade and the soft deer skin leather handle is wrapped by Merlin of Manitou. These are strong, sturdy and sharp.


 Athame and energy cords:
A well consecrated athame is very useful for cutting energy cords. Energy cords are energetic attachments others make, most often cords are used to drain another persons chakras. If you've ever felt drained around a specific person they were using cords to drain your energy. A very large part of the population will make cord attachments and drain energy without knowledge of what they are doing, it happens to everyone. Again, an energized ritual knife (athame) is very useful to cut through energy attachments.

How to use an athame to cut energy cords:
Hold your athame in your primary hand, visualize that you have energy cords in the front of your body attached to your chakras. Use your athame to cut these cords, both with a physical action, and mentally. 

Do the same for cords attached to the top of your head.

To cut the cords attached to your back:
Visualize energy cords attached to the chakras in your back (including the ones in the back of your head), holding the knife in front of you, imagine that you are standing behind yourself and simply cut the cords from behind. Any way you want to visualize cutting back cords is fine, as long as you imagine yourself cutting the cords.

If you feel drained around others or feel that someone is cording you, its very useful to cut your cords in the morning and in the evening daily to be free from their influence.