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Copper Energy Healing Wands

These healing wands are primarily used to cleanse, energize and balance the subtle energetic field within and surrounding the body. When the subtle energetic body is healthy the physical body has a much easier time becoming healthy. We use only genuine gemstones, we do not craft our wands with glass or plastic. 
PLEASE, PLEASE, read Wait Time below before you order.
One-of-a-kind wands are in stock and ready to ship.

THIS AREA IS GROWING: Please check back often for new designs and online instructions. 
Powered by:
Positive coils throughout the wand create a gentle vortex of moving energy.
Personally added chi. Neodymium Magnet Quartz generator. Each depending on the wands design (some have coils, some have magnets)

Healing/Balancing Effects come from:
Copper: Breaks through energy blockages, improves circulation.
Positive Spiral Vortex: Energizes and promotes etheric and physical circulation.
Gemstones: Changes the wands vortex energy field based on the gemstones chosen.
Magnets: When properly mixed with quartz produce a strong subtle energy release.


Custom Made To Order Wands:

One of a kind wands are in stock and ready to ship.

Please allow 2-5 weeks crafting time. Be aware, we may have any number of wands we need to make for customers who have already ordered (this is a big planet, and lots of people want our specialty wands). Because we are popular, our crafting list is often long and backed up. Well made energy devices do not like to be rushed. Patience is required.
We will do our best to have your wand crafted within a reasonable amount of time. If by chance we make a mistake, or we take too long to complete your wand it's our policy to craft an upgraded wand and get it shipped to you as quickly as possible. These free upgraded wands often tend to be quite nice and are worth the wait.
Yes, it's really going to take up to 2-5 weeks to craft your wand. Please do not yell at us or threaten us because it's taken a while to craft your wand. We are doing our best to be up-front that it will take up to 2-5 weeks to craft your wand. If you need your wand by a specific date, let us know. If you want to know the status of your wand, just ask. Additionally you can email us and ask us about an expected wait time.
What others have said:
“Two weeks ago I picked up one of the copper wands for healing. I use it every day for 15 minutes a day and I have had no more pain for over a week now. You should try it, they really work great.” -Audrey-

“My step-mother purchased a Balancing Amulet. She has extremely bad lungs. You did some healing with a copper wand and she has not had to to use her inhaler since. Three days later I purchased a Balancing Amulet and I am walking with little or no pain in my legs.” -Jane-

"Three weeks before coming into Merlin's Realm I had a crash on my bicycle, hurting my left hand. On the day I came into the shop, my hand was in a lot of pain and my thumb was swollen. A couple of different copper healing wands were used on my hand. I sat there and watched the swelling go down. If I had not seen it and felt it, I would not have believed it. The pain was gone and the swelling was gone. These wands definitely work!" -Terry-
* (Legal disclaimer) These devices are not intended to cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you need medical attention seek the advice of a professional health care provider.

AMAZONITE. Prosperity, self-confidence. Gives the feeling it's possible to have whatever you want. Discourages self-destructive behavior.

EMERALD. Mood for communication. Balancing in communication difficulties, or trying to find truth when there's a lot to sort thru.

FLUORITE. Aura cleanser, rids the aura of unwanted energies. Keeps others from making energetic attachments. Loosens the aura, making it easier to clear and remove dense lodged energies. Very useful stone for a healing wand.

GARNET. Best stone for productivity. Prosperity. Having life exactly as you would like it to be.

MOSS AGATE: Gentle physical healing stone.

OBSIDIAN, BLACK:  Detoxifies, clears blockages, releases tension, reduces pain of arthritis, joint problems and injuries. Obsidian has a way of bringing to the surface the truth of your problems, making you experience and face them, then allowing you to release and let go of them for good. 

PEARL. For wisdom. Each pearl absorbs and holds a different inspirational thought.

AMETHYST. Keep in touch with your spiritual side. Calms impatience. Balances and heals all chakras.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Quartz is one of the most powerful healing and energy amplifier. It absorbs, stores, releases, amplifies, and regulates energy.

ROSE QUARTZ. Attract love and friendship. Awareness of your true self. Assists in communicating with spirit guides.

SMOKY QUARTZ. Helps you distinguish between what you want and don't want, and be clear about which is which.


RETURNS: Because custom wands are made specifically for you, we are unable to accept returns for any custom wand.