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Dragon Treasure Chests (Filled with Treasure)

Dragon lovers and dragon personalities understand the need to own treasure, but not just any treasure, it has to be REAL treasure. Which is why Merlin's Realm is now offering small lavish treasure chests filled with real gems and treasure. 

A perfect gift for someone who has everything, the treasure chests doesn't need to be used to be useful, just keeping it has its own value. We hand pick all of the gems to get only the best quality rare gemstones. All stones are authentic. Each treasure chest comes with a treasure ledger with each gem included with their respective weights in grams.

Each treasure chest offered here is considered one of a kind, once its sold its gone. When ordered you will receive the exact chest and stones as pictured. If we are sold out please request us to put together more chests.

These are real treasure chests with real treasure, real treasure is not cheap. Therefore these items are expensive and are offered in tiny or small chests. Buy a gift that will be treasured forever (Treasure!).