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Leaf & Violet Fire - EMF Protection Orgonite Pendant (#008) $45

  • 4500

Height: 1 inch
Width:  1 inch
Depth:   3/8 inch
Weight:  12.6 grams

Materials:Resin, Leaf Charm, Copper, Brass, Iron Powder, Crushed Nephrite Jade, Crushed Malachite, Crushed Black Tourmaline, Crushed Shungite, Mica Powder.

Energy Filter (Copper Shavings, Brass Shavings, Iron Powder)
EMF Protection: Made with crushed Nephrite Jade, Malachite, Black Tourmaline and Shungite. This is the ultimate EMF protection combo of stones. The Jade, Malachite and Black Tourmaline was crushed by Merlin with blessings on the stones. All Black, Gold and Purple color in this pendant is made with our EMF protection mix.

Enchantment: Violet Fire Blessing (Protection, Cleansing). Ascended Master Blessing (Channeling of Ascended Master energy through Merlin during creation)

ONE OF A KIND: Once it's sold, it's gone.

Violet Fire and Gold:
Violet fire is known to transmute heavy and dense energy into golden light. The violet and gold in this pendant represent the transition from dense heavy energy into golden light.

Cool Fact: When applied to internal Alchemy, Violet Fire is the secret of turning base metals into gold. The base metal represented a heavy dense experience in life, the gold represented the golden experience of life. 


This pendant can be used with Merlin's Realm violet fire magical protection exercises. Simply spend 2-5 minutes daily holding the pendant in your primary hand while saying out loud:

" I AM a being of Violet Fire
I AM the purity the soul desires"


This exercise activates violet fire protection with our best violet fire protection amulet. 

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