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All Magic Wands for Sale

Included on this page is a listing of all of the magic wands we have for sale.

Links to our four main types of Real Magic Wands:
Red Oak Gemstone Magic Wands (Hybrid Wands) 
Harry Potter Style Wands               (Wooden Wizard Wands)
Custom Copper Healing Wands     (Metal Energy Wands)
One-of-a-kind Magic Wands           (Unique Specialty Wands)



About Magic Wands:
Fans of Harry Potter Wands Beware!
A magic wand is a tool of focus and empowerment. It is meant to aid the user in their natural abilities to manifest. Magic comes from the user not the wand.

Real magic wands are often misunderstood, I will tell you now, magic wands don't cast spells, people who use wands cast spells.

Magic does not come from a magic wand, it does not hold the power to do magic. Magic comes from the user.

Everything you have learned about magic on TV (like how Harry Potter wands work) or from fantasy books are fake magic, because, well, TV is fake, and fictional books are fake too. So lets define all wands and magic from these places to be fake. 

Magic is not going to levitate anything or turn an orange into a cupcake, it wont turn your sister into a frog and it wont make you fly. These are fake magics. 

There is real magic though, in short, real magic is using your will power to bring an event in nature to pass. The exact details as to how this is done is a very long discussion. 

A wand is a tool that helps the user focus their energy and ability to manifest (magically create). Key concept, being that a magic wand is a tool.

A hammer, being a tool wont build a house by itself, even if you put a hammer in a persons hand it wont build a house. The muscle, knowledge and act of building a house is done by the person, or people. The tools themselves don't build the house.

A magic wand, being a tool wont cast a spell by itself, even if you put a wand in a wizards hands it wont cast a spell. The magical muscle, knowledge and act of casting a spell is done by the spell caster, or circle of spell casters. The wand and magical tools themselves don't cast the spell. 

Basic instructions for wand usage, and basic manifestation information included with each magic wand.

Spiral Wands And The Importance Of The Direction: 
Spiral wands are quite powerful if crafted by someone why knows the energy of the different spirals. One spiral energizes and manifests, the other drains and banishes.
If you are familiar with magick then you can understand why it would be so important to use the proper spiral (manifest or banish) with your magick. 

The majority of our wands are crafted with a manifestation spiral, as you focus your mind the wand naturally helps you manifest your thoughts. Any wands made with a banishing spiral will be clearly noted as a "banishing wand".

Note to Wand Creators: Spirals that go from lower left to upper right create and energize. Spirals that go from lower right to upper left banish and drain energy. Please use energizing spirals in wands (for manifestation). A draining spiral would be appropriate for a banishing wand.

Designs of our Harry Potter Wands:
We do have a number of Harry Potter style wands available, to be clear they are very similar designs to the Harry Potter wands in the movies, they are not however official Harry Potter wands. Official Harry Potter wands are made from resin and are quoted "not suitable as a toy", this is because official Harry Potter Wands are quite fragile and are easily broken when dropped even once. Our non official Harry Potter style wands are crafted from wood and are very durable. I have tested throwing one into the air and allowing it to fall to the ground over 200 times without it breaking (I gave up as it seemed I was nowhere close to the point of breaking the Harry Potter wand).


Your consciousness creates both your personal reality and the reality around you. We like to think that a magic wand is a reminder and tool to focus your mind on a better reality in order to create it. 

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