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Orgonite & Other Energy Tools

Orgonite and other Subtle Energy Tools

The Simple Explanation:
Energy necklaces and energy tools for energy balancing, cleansing, energizing, manifestation, healing and pain relief. Orgonite helps to protect from and break up the subtle energy effects from unwanted Electronic Magnetic Fields (EMFs). 

Detailed information follows.....

NEW Orgonite devices:
Merlin has started designing and building Orgonite devices. With over 25 years of subtle energy device experience he uses his unique understanding of energy to build a quality energy device. Making Orgonite devices is expensive and labor intensive, but the quality of the device is worth the extra money. 

New Pain Flush Device: 
We are in the process of designing a very powerful pain flush device. The prototype has yielded some very exciting results with clearing out hip, back and knee pain with a noticeable increase of mobility. This design will be one of Merlin's Realm's finest designed devices combining art and powerful function. 


Orgonite Devices:
At Merlin's Realm we use Orgonite as a set of different devices, each with different functions. Descriptions of each device will follow. Each product page will list the type or types of devices included in that specific product. 


Energy Filter:
Why: The basis of orgonite, metal shaving set in resin create a push and pull effect to subtle energy. Dense unwanted energy is broken up and allows for a free flowing healthy energy field.

Selenite Self Cleansing:
Why: As subtle energy devices are used and com in contact with unwanted energies the become energetically dirty. All of our orgonite devices will naturally self cleanse themselves, those with Selenite included will offer a finer more detailed energetic clean of the device. 

All of our orgonite devices can be energetically cleansed quickly by placing the device under water for three seconds then drying it off. Dispose of the water, do not feed it to plants, humans or pets.

Energy Movement:
Why: When energy stagnates is produces a mucky swamp like environment, when it's free and flowing is produces a happy stream like environment.

Energy Coils:
Why: Energizing coils create energy movement and increase subtle energy for better health, mood and ability to manifest. When energizing and draining coils are used together they create a scrubbing energy effect, useful for people with lots of unwanted energy.


Magnet Quartz Generator:


Healing Coil Sets:
These are quite powerful healing sets. One draining coil removes dense and painful energy and the energizing coil projects clean bio magnetic energy. The combination creates quite a powerful energetic healing effect. Feeling is believing. If you are in the Colorado Springs, Colorado area consider dropping by our store in Old Colorado City to try them out for yourself.