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EMF Protection Amulet Pendant

EMF Protection Amulet Pendant

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Now made with Shungite!

Each of us has a subtle biological magnetic energy field that exists within and just outside of our body. As this fields interacts with common electronics such as cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights and power lines it damages our biological field. Many people who suffer from electronic sensitivity have a sensitive system that damages easily (which is why they are sensitive to electronics when someone who has been around just as many electronics doesn't suffer as much). Even if you are not sensitive around electronics, harmful EMF's are still damaging your energy system.


Our EMF protection pendants are designed to strengthen your biological energy field and clear out the damage that harmful EMF's create.** 

This EMF protection pendant is made with Copper, Black Tourmaline, Jade, Malachite, Shungite and a Herkimer Diamond.

Copper: Helps to break through energy blockages that exist within the body. Helps to clean and open up the energy pathways within the body increasing our natural ability to ward off harful EMF's.
Black Tourmaline: Rids the body of unwanted electronic stress.
Jade: Increases the bodies ability to process toxins.
Malachite: Copper in rock form, another form of breaking up dense energy.
Shungite: Helps to remove negativity and electromagnetic stress, among other wonderful abilities too long to list.

Made with Bopp's Vortex tech, the coils within this pendant collect and project a subtle energy that is infused with Black Tourmaline, Jade and Malachite energy. This combination helps to clear the body of unwanted EMF fields. General increase in energy, increase in mood and ability to balance emotions is normal.

It helps in tranquil moods in stressful times and helps to train your relaxation skills. In time of need, hold this pendant in your hand and imagine being in the middle of nothing-ness, completely empty space.

Anti-depressant. Aids in staying calm, helps to gently teach the value of tranquility.

Cord, instructions and a piece of Selenite (cleansing stone) is included with each pendant.


MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We understand there are a lot of EMF protection devices on the market, many of them quite expensive and they make large claims. The truth is that some devices work for some people and not as well for others. We are not here to take your money, we want to help you. If you try out our EMF amulet for one week and you don't feel any different send it back to us or a full product price refund
(you will need to cover shipping expenses). 

Were not here for the money, were here to help. If our product doesn't help, we will cheerfully process a refund.


What others have said:

"Thanks for the amulet, arrived yesterday and I feel in better harmony today.
Many thanks, most grateful, it stops the cold shakes from the computer...magic!"

"Merlin, I want to thank you for both of my amulets. As I told you before, I was not sure that the balancing or the EMF Protection amulets would work. But I am a true believer now that I have tried both and have seen the difference within days. I am sixteen weeks pregnant and for about a week and half I was maybe getting two hours of sleep. I contacted my doctor and was told that there was nothing they can give me and that this was normal at my stage of pregnancy. The night you came over and gave me the EMF Protection amulet is the same night I noticed a difference. Although I did not sleep the entire night I did get more sleep then before. I am on my fourth day wearing the amulet and have gotten more and more sleep each night. It helped me better then anything the doctor suggested or the books that I read on how to help me sleep during pregnancy. Thanks!!!!!" -Norma-

 "Since I blog and love to use my computers, EMF pollution is more of a danger for me than for anyone else in my family. I am delighted that in the last few days I have decreased 2 kinds of my Parkinson's medications despite not sleeping well one of those nights. Funny enough, I would've slept much better that night if I had not brought my iPod to bed with me, LOL! I know, I know, it's against my own rules if you've read other posts of mine.

Anyway this EMF Protection Amulet seems to be working. And it's beautiful! Since everything is energy, and the person who created this seems to have a grasp of crystals and energy, I gave it a try. There are lots of other devices available to protect against EMF radiation. I just like this one because it's so beautiful and apparently effective. I got my husband an Energy Amulet. He hasn't complained about low-energy in the last few days."  -Satsatnam
"Thank you so much for my amulets which turned up today. Thank goodness! I need the EMF one like you would not believe where I live! Thank you so much as soon as I put it on I felt like my body had had a fire put out and could breathe a little. Thank you! "  -Amber

"I purchased an EMF mitigation for myself, it's working very well.  Must say, you’ve made a believer out of me!" -Laraine


** These devices are not intended to cure or prevent any illness or disease.
If you need medical attention seek the advice of a professional health care provider


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