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14k Gold, Sterling Silver, Amethyst Light Workers Amulet Healing Wand Pendant $125

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Metals: 14k Gold filled wire, Sterling Silver (7.5% copper, 92.5% Silver) wire. Nickle plated Neodymium Magnets) 
Stone: Amethyst
Magnets: Powerful N52 grade magnets (strongest grade)

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Most people feel a tingling sensation when holding or wearing a light workers amulet. Many feel the energy coming out of the tip of the crystal, making this pendant an energy healing tool as well.

Light worker amulets charge up a subtle energy within them over time. As you wear the amulet the energy drains out of the crystal and into you. 


These work best when not worn for 24 hours a day. 

Suggested usage: Wear during the day (and off during the night) for one week. Then for 1 week let the crystal charge itself back up again.

I wore mine for 48 hours straight, I even felt as if I was charging up through the night. But after the 48 hours my crystal didn't have any energy left, it felt null.  Fortunately, I felt charged up and didn't feel the need to wear the crystal. 

These crystals need alone time on their Selenite (included). As they spend time alone they charge up subtle energy and contain it in the crystal. I've noticed crystals tend to charge up in about 1 week, and reach their maximum charge in about 30 days. Placing the crystal on a piece Selenite roughly a similar size would charge up the crystal faster. 

If the energy is too much for you, simply take the pendant off. As you body becomes more accustomed to having more energy it will perform much better. 

I experience back pain and joint pain. This device design helped me greatly with both. I still feel the area, but the pain has gone down to only noticeable when I think about it.


*We do not claim to diagnose cure or prevent any disease or illness. If you need medical attention, seek the advice of a professional healthcare provider.

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