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Energy and Productivity Amulet

Energy and Productivity Amulet

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Shape your life! This amulet helps you to visualize and decide exactly what you want in life, it then helps you get up to go out and get it. This amulet has a noticeable  "get up and go" and "keep going" energy.

What you would like in your life? If you can visualize it, then the only thing that is really holding you back from getting your desire is that you haven't gotten up to go get it. We can accomplish many great feats in our lives, if simply we do the work to complete our feats and desires. But great feats often require a great deal of effort and drive. That's where this amulet comes in, don't let life happen to you, get up and make your life the way YOU want!  


Wizard note: I use this when I need to get a lot done and I don't feel up to it. Helps me clean, do housework, craft wands, it's actually helping me write this right now (I felt a lack of productivity for the past few days, after one day of wearing this amulet I feel up to accomplishing almost anything).  


If you wish to relax, you must remove this amulet.

This amulet is made with copper, Garnet, Labradorite,  a Herkimer Diamond and magnets.* Cord, instructions and a piece of Selenite (cleansing stone) is included with each amulet.

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