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Love Amulet Spell Kit

Love Amulet Spell Kit

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This is an amulet for attracting love. This works by circulating love attraction energy throughout your body. Remember to tell your amulet whether you wish to attract love from friends or love from an intimate relationship. You can always tell it to attract a different form of love.

It is important to know, personal effort is needed with this amulet for it to work well. You will need to visualize yourself having the type of love you are looking for while holding the amulet (never a face of a specific person)  For best results, visualize the love you want and pour this image into the amulet, daily just before you put it on.

This amulet also works for energizing, healing the heart and mastering skills related to love. This amulet is made with copper, rose quartz, and a Herkimer diamond. Cord, instructions and a piece of Selenite (cleansing stone) is included with each amulet.


Please note: You are purchasing a physical item, we do not claim any "magical" results from this or any of our products. You can use manifestation with this product to help aid in your attraction of love, but you are the one who is going to attract the love.

We sell physical products, often with information how to use them magically.
Anyone selling an item with "magical results" is a scam. 

Please read our article on Understanding Magic Scams

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