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Amethyst Orgonite Healing Wand Pendant

  • 7900

Height: 2.25 inches
Rarity: Rare
Materials: Amethyst, Nickle Plated Neodymium magnet, Copper Shavings, Brass Shavings, Selenite, Copper Wire, Gold Leaf Flakes, Gold colored Mica Powder, Purple Dye, 2 Part Resin Epoxy,   


Description: A multiple layer resin crystal that includes a subtle energy beam generator, backed up by orgonite energy busting, followed by an energy coil filled with selenite. This crystal is armored by another layer of resin with pieces of selenite for cleansing. This device is very well designed and has excellent function. 

Purple color included to clear and purify heavy emotional energies, gold flakes and sparkle included to transition the nergy into golden light energy.

Self cleansing, but can be cleaned by dipping it in water for 5 seconds, smudging, selenite, new moon or other cleansing methods. Orgonite has a tendency to get energetically dirty easily, even though this device is self cleansing, it is suggested to place it on selenite every night for cleansing (selenite included).  

General Function: General energizing of the entire body (Energetic Health). Personal healing, energy clearing, pain relief. 

This device's energy is directional, meaning it sends a lot of energy out the tip and draws from the orgonite energy busting chamber, energy coils and selenite. Projecting these energies out of the tip. This energy is great for breaking up unwanted dense and painful energies. This device is great for crystal palm healing method. 

Crafted by: Merlin
Note from Merlin: I'm quite happy with the outcome from this device, the design is quite clean and functional. For the time put into this device it should sell for for than it is. This device has taken quite a bit of effort, planning, trial and error, and a new pressure chamber for its creation.


One of a Kind: Once it's sold, its gone.

Since this design works so very well and I finally ironed out its creation I will be making more, but it may be late 2018 season or spring 2019 before I have more)



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