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Ebony Masters Magic Wand

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Because no basic wand will do for a masters personal Ebony wand, these special wands are well made with a perfect balance and an elegant feel. Of course you don't need to be a master to use or own one. We don't use the term master lightly, these are very high quality wands.

Ebony wands are rigid, meaning they won't flex with your magic, they work to manifest your exact thoughts. It is recommended to have your mental image of your manifestation before you pick up the wand. 

This wand is for experienced users. As a note to young wand users, power comes from the wand that works with you most. Advanced wands are not powerful for younger users, they are haphazard. When you have the skill to focus without distraction then the ebony wand becomes powerful and useful. 

Wand woods suggested for beginner users:  Oak, and Ash.

A quality velvet magic wand pouch is included with each masters wand.


Length: 17 inches
Wood: Ebony
Black velvet wand pouch included.
Wizard Notes: Powerful and heavy wand, these ebony wands are the prized pick of our HP style wands. I am unable to photograph or describe the wonderful beauty, smooth dense Ebony feel, or the magical presence of these wands.


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