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Ebony Prayer Beads

Ebony Prayer Beads

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Ebony Prayer bead set Mala.

Made with the traditional 108 beads. Beaded on a stretchy cord. 

Made with real ebony. 


Prayer bead instrutions:


Each tradition has its own set of rules, personally I don't follow any set of "rules" I use them as guide lines. If you have a tradition that differs from the listed outline, you can still use the mala beads for any system you prefer. Following is my basic understanding.


Mala beads to me are  monk practice. The monk is mindful of spirit and calm energy. 


Monk practice:

To be performed once daily.

Hold one bead next to the knotted section with your thumb and your middle finger (do not use your index finger, because the index is attached to ego).

And state " I AM".

Move to the next bead and state "I AM"

Continue through all 108 beads, then do another 108 in the opposite direction.

Once you finish hold/touch the final center bead (usually connecting both sides of the strand of beads) and focus on coming back into reality. 

While I love this practice, I don't use it, I needed more than "I AM"


Merlin's Violet Fire Protection Practice:

To be performed once per day.

Hold one bead next to the knotted section with your thumb and your index finger (we want some ego).

And say "I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity that spirit desires"

Repeat this for all 108 beads. 

Every day you perform this you add 108 protection spells to your Mala, the protection capabilities of this are immense. I performed this for 60 days and had over 6000 mini protection spells cast on the beads. The protection capabilities were some of the strongest magic I have ever seen. I continue to wear my violet fire mala daily.

Ebony beads make a great mala for protection of monk mindfulness. The ebony amplifies intentions and has a good energy for mellow monk-hood.