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Energy Cleansing Kit $34

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This kit is great for cleansing out the unwanted energy in your house, in and around people, your gemstones, jewelry, or magical items.

Kit includes:
1 Large White Sage Bundle
1 Abalone shell (fireproof container to place your sage on when finished smudging so that it can go out without burning your house down)
2 pieces of Palo Santo
1 piece of polished Selenite 
4oz of large grain black sea salt (made with sea salt and activated charcoal at Merlin's Realm)

Sage has been used for a smudging ritual by the Native Americans to clear unwanted energy out and away from households, people, and items. 

Palo Santo is known as "Holy Wood", burn like sage for a temple-like blessing after your smudge your household, loved ones, or items. Palo Sant has a very pleasant aroma.

Selenite is a very useful cleansing and charging gemstone, simply place your gemstones, jewelry, or magical items on the Selenite for cleansing. Leave them on the Selenite for at least 24 hours for a good cleansing. The Selenite itself is self-cleaning and does not need any additional cleansing itself.

Black Salt is useful for protection but also has a wonderful clearing energy, salt naturally breaks up energy and activated charcoal draws in energy. The combination makes a wonderful clearing ability. Place some of the black salt on window sills, outside (or inside) your door, in and around other passageways for clearing/protection.