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Fluorite Star Purple Septagram Amulet

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Septagram: 7 pointed star, also known as Heptagram, the Fairy star, the Elven star and Star of the Seven Sisters, believed to be called this because it was associated with the cluster of seven astronomical stars called the Pleiades.

In Alchemy a seven-sided star would often refer to the seven planets which were known to ancient alchemists.

In Egypt, this star represented the seven spheres of the Afterlife and the seven wise people that the soul would meet on the journey.

 The septagram is a reminder of the sacred significance of the number 7, seven days of the week, seven magickal metals, and the seven pillars of wisdom.

Fluorite: ENERGY VAMPIRE PROTECTION. Clears unwanted attachments others make to drain your energy.
Wire: Clear enamel coated copper wire.
Copper: Helps to break through energy blockages and open up the flow of energy.


Notes: This is a made to order item, actual Fluorite beads may be slightly different from the photo. This design includes 3 purple pieces of Fluorite and 4 pieces of clear Fluorite in the same locations as the photo.

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