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Leaf EMF Protection Orgonite Pendant (#013) $42

  • 4200

Height:  1 inch
Width:  1 inch
Depth:  3/8 inch
Weight: 9.3 grams

Materials:Resin, Leaf Charm, Copper, Brass, Iron Powder, Mica Powder. With lots of Crushed Nephrite Jade, Crushed Malachite, Crushed Black Tourmaline, and Crushed Shungite.

Energy Filter (Copper Shavings, Brass Shavings, Iron Powder)
EMF Protection: Made with lots of crushed Nephrite Jade, Malachite, Black Tourmaline and Shungite. This is the ultimate EMF protection combo of stones. The Jade, Malachite and Black Tourmaline was crushed by Merlin with blessings on the stones. All Black, and gold color in this pendant is made with our EMF protection mix. 

Pendant cord included.

ONE OF A KIND: Once it's sold, it's gone.

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