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Non-Tarnish Copper Amethyst Crystal Pendant

Non-Tarnish Copper Amethyst Crystal Pendant

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Crafted at Merlin's Realm, this Amethyst crystal pendant is wire-wrapped with a non-tarnish copper wire. Meaning it wont turn your skin green and it keeps its bright copper shine. Actual copper is brighter than the photo shows.

Copper helps to break through dense and lower vibration energy blockages. 

Amethyst is known for many metaphysical properties. Including increased spirituality, opening of the crown chakra and taking new spiritual information at a stable pace without being overwhelmed.

Amethyst is also a must have stone for channelers and astral travelers as it keeps your body protected from other entities from taking up residence in your body while you are channeling or astral traveling. When used this way I like to think of it as putting a combination lock on your vessel (body) while you are away.

Useful for all spiritual stages of development.

The Amethyst that we use varies in color from a light purple to a very dark purple, overall size of the crystal will vary from pendant to pendant.


Length: 1.5 inches.

Adjustable cotton cord included.