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Non-Tarnish Copper Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant

Non-Tarnish Copper Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant

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Crafted at Merlin's Realm, this Clear Quartz crystal pendant is wire-wrapped with a non-tarnish copper wire. Meaning it wont turn your skin green and it keeps its bright copper shine. Actual copper is brighter than the photo shows.

Copper helps to break through dense and lower vibration energy blockages. 

 Clear Quartz Crystal: Clear Quartz channels, focuses and stores all colors and vibrations of energy. It is also known for its ability to aid the user with focus and clarity of thought. All crystals are programmable. 

How to Program a Crystal 

Adjustable black cotton cord included. 

Metal: Non-Tarnish Copper (clear coating)

 Length: 1.5 inches.

Adjustable cotton cord included.