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Welcome to Merlin's Realm. We specialize in carrying real magic wands, energy amulets, sacred geometry devices, leather bound journals, crystal pendants,  tarot decks and much more. 

Many of the designs, concepts, instructions and physical products are produced by our resident wizard Merlin of Manitou (Casey Bopp). We stand behind the quality of all of our products, many items we sell include detailed instructions about the product and its usage. We want you to have access to real old world quality items, products that real wizards and real light workers would be happy to use. We don't sell any plastic magic wands or items. 


Real magic is often misunderstood, which is why much of our website, instructions and written material is focused on understanding how real magic works, or as we like to call it, manifestation. We are entirely focused on light and positive development of the spirit. Our material covers basic concepts of magic (useful for those 10 years and older) and advanced ideas of creating our personal reality (useful for those spiritually advanced). 

We hold a very high physical, mental and energetic quality to our products. If you get the opportunity of owning one or more of our products, we hope that you enjoy them as much as we did crafting them. 


We understand that deceitful people may use magic as a scam to prey on the lack of knowledge of the general public. 
Be aware of magic scams: Magic scams often sell you a spell casting or offer magical results. Merlin's Realm does not engage in these dis-honest activities. On the contrary we would like to educate you about them so you can avoid these common scams.

Please read our article on Understanding Magic Scams

We sell physical products, which may include literature to help you learn manifestation.
We do not sell "magic", or "magical results".
We also have a very friendly Return Policy

About Other Magical Amulets: Many amulets on the market work from the belief of the wearer, what this means if the wearer believes that the amulet works, it will. But if they don't know or they don't believe then the amulet wont work. The power of the mind and power of belief are quite powerful, but the power isn't in the trinket in this case, it's in their head.
We believe you deserve better.

About Our Amulets:  Our amulets do not work on placebo principals, we understand that they work by manipulating a type of bio-magnetic field that exists within the body. You do not need to be aware of what our coil amulets do in order for them to work. Each of our coil amulets works on general health and increased energy. Our most functional and popular amulets being our Energetic Health Amulet, Merlin's Balance Amulet and our EMF Protection Amulet. You can read more about our amulets on our Amulet Product Page.

Tree Planting: Because we care about our environment and those around us, we have 1 tree planted for every day we stay in business. (Using tree planting companies such as American Forests.) As of April 2016 we have had over 1500 trees planted. 

Our Real Magic Wands:
Red Oak Gemstone Magic Wands  (23 wands)
Harry Potter Style Magic Wands     (15 wands)
Copper Healing Wands               (48 custom wand designs)
One-of-a-kind Magic Wands             (9 wands)


Other Products We Carry: 
Tarot Decks
Leather Journals 

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