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High Quality Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals absorb, store, transmit, charge, intensify, release, and regulate all colors of subtle energy.

Absorb: Take in or soak up.

Store: Keep or accumulate for future use.

Transmit: Broadcast or send out.

Charge: The process of charging an object with subtle energy (like a battery)

Intensify: To strengthen the effect of another object like a gemstone or magical object.

Release: To free from anything that confines or restrains. 

Regulate: To adjust to some standard. 


Grade: All crystals offered here are (AA) grade or (AAA) grade unless there is a condition note on the product page. If there is a condition note then the crystal is rated (A) grade, with the note explaining why it is not (AA) or (AAA) grade.

One of a kind: Each crystal on this page is as pictured with only one in stock. Once it's sold, it's gone.


Limited edition section: We don't usually offer crystals online, these are only added during a slow season when I (Merlin) have some extra free time. Which seems to happen only once a year.


How to Program a Crystal
How to enchant/program a quartz crystal.