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Blank Journals / Blank Spell Books

Our collection of quality hand-bound books. 

Our Journals:

All of these journals are bound and created by Merlin. Words can't describe the quality and feel of these books. An enormous amount of effort goes into each book, and even though these have a higher price it doesn't match the amount of effort put into these books. This makes this a labor of love, and it makes these books very limited edition as bookbinding is not a sustainable business practice for us. The truth is, I love these books, I love making them, I love how they feel when finished, and I love using special journals. While I have time and energy to craft these they will be available. However, know that they won't last forever, so it's best to buy one while they are still available. I am not taking on any custom requests, re-creation requests are possible at full price.

I hold a high standard for the books I create. Once you write in one of these you will understand our excitement about their quality. 


A few ideas for using these journals:

Don't be afraid to write in them! Following are some ideas of what to use a blank journal for, you can however use them for anything you like. 


Book of Shadows:
Your personal book of magic. These often include magical research, spells, a personal spell log, dreams, and other personal magical information. These generally should only be seen by the magician who wrote them, consider it a secret book of magic.

Much like a Book of Shadows, a grimoire contains magical research and spells, but the main difference is that a grimoire doesn't have personal information in it. 

I then divide Grimoire into two different categories:
This is my personal take on Grimoires, but you can use them however you wish.

Notebook Grimoire:
Don't be afraid to write in it! Take notes, scribble ideas, fill pages with anything and everything magical. These are some of my favorite personally written magical texts, most of my journals are used for this purpose.

These are well-drawn, pre-edited, ideally perfectly written books on magic. When I cast a spell from a book, this is the book I use. I try to make the book itself a powerhouse of magic. Since this type of grimoire-making is so labor-intensive, I've simplified mine down to just rituals and spells. But this style of grimoire feels more magical than anything else, the only thing that would make it perfect, is to be written in a hand-bound beautiful journal.

Positive Affirmation/Love/Joy Journal: (To save you when you're at your lowest)
A feel better about yourself book. This is is a very powerful magical tool, in the act of making one you can feel a change. Then whenever you need to feel better about yourself, read this book. It includes your favorite affirmations, positive statements from others, statements of what you've done for others in their life (in their own words), pictures, movie or concert tickets, or anything that helps you feel good about yourself. Decorate it any way you like, glue things in it, and make it any way that makes you happy. When you're feeling down, open this book and read it, if you made it well you will feel a difference. In essence, this book will save you when you are at your lowest and you need a hand.

Recipe Book:
Fill with your favorite cooking, tea, or magical recipes. 

To-Do Lists/Reminders:
Meant to carry with you so you always have your lists and reminders on hand. Anything you need to remember, write it down for later.

Just, draw. Many of our journals are made with sketch paper, be sure to check the paper type when buying.