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Tarot Decks



Tarot cards are available for domestic shipping in USA only.

Tarot is a type of deck of cards used for divination purposes. Tarot when pronounced rhymes with marrow, not carrot.

Choosing your cards:
Tarot cards are a personal set of tools, you should resonate and like the type of deck that you intend to work with. When you resonate with the style of deck that you are using it is much easier to read the information from the pictures themselves, without any formal instruction. 

Blessing your cards:
Tarot cards are much more in tune with the universe when they are blessed and charged by the reader. I personally prefer to hold an individual card, read the meaning for that card, and visualize the meaning while sending that focused energy into the card. The card will now hold its matching energetic meaning. This helps to translate the universal energy through the tarot reading so that the cards get pulled in the correct order, this also helps the reader understand what the universe is trying to tell them through the cards.

How I will do a reading for another:
I will make sure the person receiving the reading does not tell me anything about their situation. This will only cloud my ability to see what the universe is telling me. I also may add my own personal opinion to the situation which is also not helpful. I will shuffle my deck, then hand it to the receiver of the reading to shuffle, I instruct them to silently ask the cards the question they came to have answered. I will do one final cut on the deck, making sure I am the hand of the universe while I make the final cut. (cut, where you feel, is perfectly right). Then ill start drawing cards, sometimes in a specific spread, other times just in a row. I then explain to the person I am reading for what I see in the cards. If the cards reading was performed accurately it will perfectly answer their question. If it makes no sense to them at all, then the reading was a fail.

This is not the only method of reading, there is no right or wrong way to read, I am just offering an example of how I would perform a reading. Finally, I do not read professionally and do not offer it as a service.