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Gemstone Oak Magic Wands


The Two Main Types of Wands:

Magic Wands (Wizard Wands): Large wooden wands often used for ritual purposes. Usually not used for healing.

Energy Wands (Small Hand Held Atlantis Style Wands): These were small metal and gemstone wands, intended to be small hand tools for chakra clearing, energy blockage clearing and aura balancing. Usually not used for ritual.

 Chimera Magic Wands: (The third type of wand)
These hand sized wands are a hybrid between the two common styles of wands. Wonderful for beginners who don't know what can be done with a wand yet, or what direction they want to go with their wand usage. Fantastic for training. Also useful for experienced users who prefer using specific gemstones with their magical workings. 

OAK: is considered the most powerful and sacred of Druid woods. Oak is one of the longest lived trees, thus embodying great wisdom as well as strength. As the classic wizard wood, Oak is one of the most magical woods for wand making and it's especially noted for strength and endurance of magic workings as well as success, focus, opening or sealing doors, authority, wisdom and abundance. 

For the Celtic, Oak is the tree of doors, believed to be a gateway between worlds.

For the Norse, Oak is sacred to Thor. Scholars believe this is from Oak being the most common lightning struck tree in northern Europe due to its large size.

The Oak was also a symbol of Zeus and his sacred tree.





 These magic wands range from 9.5" to 12" in length.
Not suitable for children under 6 years of age. (pointed tip)
Thickness: a little thicker than a pencil. If you would prefer a thicker magic wand please view our other magic wands for sale.