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The creator at Finvarra's Realm works closely with Merlin, both Finvarra's and Merlin's Realm create equal quality wire-wrapping and magickal tools. Merlin approved. 

Finvarra's Realm - Handmade Metaphysical Goods Inspired by the Fey
Be not afraid if your wand looks frayed, or worn, or torn, or magically scorned. For there is a place, a magical space, under a magical elm called Finvarra’s Realm. There you’ll find magical tools covered in jewels, wrapped in wire, by Fae on toadstools!



The Mystic Corner 
Occult, metaphysical, witchcraft supplies & information from abilities development to tarot.







We accept links to websites related metaphysical goods, ritual magickal goods, and harry potter themed websites. We DO NOT accept links to spell casting service websites or love spell websites of any kind.

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Title: Merlin's Realm Magic Wands
Description: We carry a large selection of hand crafted magic wands, including Harry Potter style wands, custom copper healing wands and gemstone wands. In addition we have EMF protection pendants, healing pendants, copper pyramids and much more!


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