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Healing Energy Amulets

Our coil amulets are a type of biophotonic exciter (amplifies your subtle energy)  device developed and produced by Casey Bopp (Merlin) with over 25 years of subtle energy device experience.

The principles that they work on are a combination of magnetic fields, auras, vortex generation, and gemstone metaphysics. These are metaphysical pendants. We do not claim that these are "magical" items, or that they work on supernatural powers. Each of our amulet titles and suggested effects are from the subtle energy vortices, magnets, and metaphysical properties of the gemstones. 




De-Stress, Protection EMF Amulet 

It protects, it clears, it heals, it harmonizes.

Protection: Protects from EMF Pollution (Electro-Magnetic Fields), protects from being overloaded in situations, protects from being overloaded from gemstones like Moldavite, protects from psychic attack, and protects from spirit possession.  

Clears: The gemstones used in this amulet clear out electronic stress caused by electronics clears out dis-harmonious energies in the auric field and clears out stress energy.

Heals: When unwanted energy is cleared out of the body's energy field, the body is in a better state to heal itself. 

Harmonizes: The stones themselves working together seem to have a harmonic reaction to each other, I feel this is one reason why this combination of stones works so very well. The different sized sphere stones each step down to a smaller size as they move out from the center larger stone, this arrangement has a way of harmonizing energy of different frequencies. 

This is our most evolved amulet, focusing on EMF protection and cleansing the body from existing harmful EMF damage. Because of the gemstones used and the design of this amulet, it also aids with emotional balance and tranquil moods. This amulet is more functional and replaces older amulet versions such as the balance amulet and tranquility amulet. 

We have had great responses from those who used this amulet for electronic sensitivity, relaxation, and mellow moods in children.


Energetic Health Amulet 

I can't describe how useful and functional this amulet truly is. Many people feel a tingling in one hand from holding one of these for just 30 seconds. These are useful for almost everybody, but they are very useful for those who feel drained, physically, energetically, or emotionally. These promote an energetic clean flowing subtle energy system within the body, and with this, the physical body can recover and heal itself faster. 

I have offered these to customers who walk into my physical retail store, we often test to see if they feel the tingle by holding the amulet in their hand. A number of customers have been moved to tears because of the effects of these amulets, the majority report that they are very happy owning one (when they return to my store). 

From my own experience, it's like feeling the warm sun on your skin on a sunny spring day while being in a clearing in the forest sitting next to a mellow stream. 

This feeling, this energy is so important to me that I want you to have a chance to experience it too, to be able to carry this energy with you around your neck.

Made with: Copper, Clear Quartz, a Herkimer Diamond, and two Neodymium Magnets. 

The Energetic Health Amulet is available by itself or is included in the Healing Amulet Set (when available).


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Magical and Medical Disclaimer:
Our amulets are devices that have shown described results in the past. We do not claim that these results are "magical", we believe they are based on currently unknown particle physics and the abilities of manifestation. 

Please read our article on Understanding Magic Scams

We do not claim to diagnose, cure, or prevent any illness or disease, if you need medical attention please seek the advice of a professional health care provider. 

Amulet Refund Policy:
Try one of our amulets for one week, if you don't feel any better, or don't feel that the amulet is doing anything for you, then send it back for a cheerful full product total refund. The only thing you are risking is the price of shipping.