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About the Wizard



First I would like describe in my own words what a Wizard really is.

The two most to the point definitions I know are:

1. "Wiz - ard"  means "Wise - One"

2. A person who practices magic.

To me "Wizard" is a label used to describe a magical type of person of which no other label fits. You may call me a wizard, but in truth, I am what I am. That which I am may be better defined as "a universe having a personal experience", but beyond that I believe I am consciousness perceiving consciousness. I believe that we are all this, I simply acknowledge it.


To be a Wizard:

When most people think of a wizard they think of Harry Potter or Gandolf, so when I say I'm a wizard they think that I am saying I am like Harry Potter or like Gandolf. This is not true.

The realists point of view thinks magic and wizards are not real. By their definition of wizards and magic, I would agree with them. Wizards like Harry Potter and magic from Wizards of Waverly place are not real. 

In short, wizards are spiritual teachers. They are spiritual, energetic and life guides. 

Some may judge and think I'm crazy for claiming the task title wizard, those people are not ready for this form of information and should not be pushed to believe it. If they are ready, they will listen. 




About being a wizard light worker: 

Being a wizard isn't easy, it's not for everyone. For starters just about every Muggle thinks your crazy. Not that it bothers me, I know who I am, I don't need them to believe me for me to be me. Next, the magical realm (astral plane) is filled with beings who need help, and if nobody else knows of their problems, guess who gets to help them. Yep, the wizard light worker. And it's not like it's normal paid work, but the universe tends to always pay its debts in one form or another.


A wizards main goals, at least this wizards main goals, is to help guide people toward their personal spiritual path. 

I think the hardest part of being a wizard is being misunderstood. In the older days, it was common for magical folk (and those accused) to be blamed for unexplained mishaps. Fortunately enough this is less likely today mainly from the mass of society not believing wizards and magical folk really exist. Generally, what people don't understand they fear. And fear can easily lead to anger and hatred. I don't even want to mention the Witch Trials.


There are places where walking down the street in wizard clothing is generally accepted, and I'm sure there are places where that sort of behavior will get you run out of town or hung.


However, if you're under 16 you can wear wizard gear all you want, most people will just think you're a Harry Potter fan. Which is likely to be true, but the point is you can get away with it.



Who am I personally?

As you all know by now, I am a wizard, a young wizard. I've always been mature for my age, for just about all of my childhood I've heard "you're too young to know that", I honestly couldn't count how many times I've heard that one. I learn quickly, think differently, and do my best to keep a big heart, an open crown chakra and a grounded center.


I interact with the world as a sunrise or sunset would. I am the connection between the mystical unknown (night) and the easier to be seen (day, most humans call reality). I am a bringer of old forgotten devices for healing and spiritual growth. I am a catalyst that will change the way the world perceives "things". I am here to aid this planet in its global shift of consciousness. I am here for you. As an agreement of being a Wizard I am in the service of others. I have many keys to unlock the powers of "today's gifted children" (crystal children, rainbow children, golden children ect). I am known as Merlin of Manitou, or as Casey Bopp.

I'm the type of wizard who wears robes in public as a statement to the world of who I am.



Studies and Crafts:

Using wands and Staves: 1988
Studying Magick: 1995
Merlin's Realm Opens: 2003
Sacred Geometry Conference: 2003
Prana Healing: 2003


Cross Stitch: 1987ish
Making Magic Wands: 1989
Wire-Wrapping: 1991
Maze Artwork: 1993
Making Sacred Geometry Devices: 1998
Silver Smithing: 2000
Subtle Energy Coil Pendants: 2003
Basic Leather Working: 2004
Wire-Weaving (Advanced Wire-Wrapping): 2005
Pyrography (Woodburning): 2005
Chainmaile: 2006
Wood Lathe: 2011
Rotary Tool Wood Carving: 2011
Box/Chest Carpentry: 2012
Medal Melting and Alloys: 2013
Paper Making: 2014
Bookbinding: 2014
Wrinkle Leather Faces: 2014
Glass Eyes: 2015
Electroforming: 2016
Wax Sealing: 2017
Acrylic Painting: 2017
Mala Prayer Beads: 2017
Fluid Acrylic Painting: 2018