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Subtle Energy Devices for your Health

What is Subtle Energy?
Subtle energy goes by many names, including Chi, Prana, Chakra, and Qi. Subtle energy is an energy field that exists within and around your physical body. This field directly interacts with your physical body, if your subtle energy body is unhealthy then your physical body will also be unhealthy. 


What are Subtle Energy Devices?
Subtle energy devices are objects that are designed to alter subtle energy around the object, in specific locations around the object and/or within the subtle energy fields of our body. 


Why do I need a Subtle Energy Device?
Our daily lives are filled with toxins, not only physical toxins but also energetic toxins. Have you ever come in contact with anyone at work that wasn't happy? Sick? Jealous? Draining? Their energy is affecting your energy field negatively. You may not notice the unwanted effects right away, in severe cases, you will feel drained, or yucky around certain people. Again, their energy is affecting you in an unwanted way. Do you ever walk past or through a room that makes you feel uncomfortable? The subtle energy of the room is again, affecting your personal energy field.  Do you use a lot of electronics? On the computer for long hours? Cell phone? Are you stuck indoors for long periods of time? These will all affect your subtle energy negatively, and eventually your mental, emotional and physical health.


How can Subtle Energy Devices Help Me?
We design and create devices using Bopp's Vortex Technology to improve your body's energy field. Many of them collect and project gentle subtle energy that energizes a physical area or the subtle energy field of the body. When the energetic body is in healthy condition, the mind, emotions, and physical body are very inclined to also be in a happy and healthy condition.


Subtle Energy Amulets
Our Subtle Energy Amulets are designed to project subtle energy throughout the body that helps to break through energy blockages and helps to energize the entire body. Our two most advanced and successful amulets are our Energetic Health Amulet and our EMF Protection Amulet.


Aura Cleansers
Our aura cleansing wands are designed to cleanse and balance the aura. Many times unwanted outside energetic influences will sit in the outer layers of our aura before it is absorbed into our inner chakra/meridian system. When an aura cleanser is used regularly these unwanted energies don't have a chance to be absorbed into our system. Effectively stopping the unwanted energy from causing any damage to your body. Currently, these are in the design phase and are expected to be released soon.


Copper Healing Wands
Our copper wands are designed specifically for subtle energy work. With this in mind, these wands are often purchased by energy workers or by those who wish to work with subtle energy. These are not toys for HP fans.

The wand shaft is coiled with a positive coil creating an energizing vortex within the wand shaft, this vortex connects with the crystal tip. As the energy from the vortex and energy from the user builds up in the crystal tip, the crystal tip will emit a focused beam of subtle energy. This beam can be used to break through dense energy blockages. Each of our copper wands includes fluorite, a gemstone that helps to loosen the aura making subtle energy movement much easier. 

Eventually, we intend to release more advanced energy healing wands with more complex functions.

Advanced Coil Wand Usage


Copper Pyramid Energy Collectors
Pyramids crafted to the proper sacred geometry ratios have a natural ability to collect a pyramidal type of subtle energy. This energy strengthens all other subtle energy devices, has been used for anti-aging, energy healing, meditation, and spiritual development. The easiest way to consume pyramid energy is to charge a bottle of water within the pyramid for 1 - 30 days then drink it. Many prefer to charge multiple bottles for a few days and drink one of them daily. 


Casey Bopp's Subtle Energy Technology 
Casey Bopp, the founder of Merlin's Realm has studied, researched, and experimented with crystals, auras, geometric shapes, coils, and magnetic interaction with gemstones for over 25 years. Combining rare and hard to find information with subtle energy experimentation he has developed what he calls Subtle Energy Technology. This name has changed half a dozen times since he started the research.