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-Return to Earth Amulet- EMF Protection, De-Stress, Energy Protection

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We have seen an overwhelming amount of positive responses from people using this amulet. We are working to try and keep these in stock as they are selling quickly. 

Simply put, this amulet works as a filter to draw out unwanted subtle energies in the wearer's energy field. This results in; tension relief, energetic protection, and additional tolerance to electronics. **

The energy function of this amulet has a way of returning your energy field back to the natural healthy Earth energy.

Made From: Copper,  Citrine, Shungite, Jade,  Black Tourmaline, Hematite, and Amethyst.

Selenite cleansing stone and black cotton cord included.


Electronic Magnetic Field (EMF) Protection:

Each of us has a subtle biological magnetic energy field that exists within and just outside of our body. As these fields interact with everyday electronics such as cell phones, computers, fluorescent lights, and power lines it damages our biological field. Many people who suffer from electronic sensitivity have a sensitive system that damages easily (which is why they are sensitive to electronics when someone who has been around just as many electronics doesn't suffer as much). Even if you are not sensitive around electronics, harmful EMF's are still damaging your energy system.

Our EMF protection pendants are designed to strengthen your biological energy field and clear out the damage that harmful EMF's create.** 

We have discovered a very useful combination of gemstones. Originally combined to clear the body of EMF pollution, this combination also works very well to de-stress and relax even when in tense situations. It also works quite well for protection.

Broad-spectrum EMF clearing,  and broad-spectrum protection: each stone works to protect and clear energy pollution in a different way. With 6 Stones this means you have 6 tools that are each clearing out a different unwanted energy and each protecting in a different way.  

Protects From: EMF energy damage,  psychic attack,  overwhelming situations, and spirit possession.

It helps sensitive people not be overwhelmed. After 15 years of research, this is the first combination of stones that seems to do anything for sensitivity in people. 


I am really excited about this combination of stones, the combination works exceptionally well together.  The design of the pendant encourages a protective bubble around the wearer.

We have had wonderful success with this amulet, people who buy one are coming back to buy more. They are telling their friends who are coming in and purchasing one for themselves.

Instructions for use:
Wear it as a necklace for the strongest effects. But, keeping it in your pocket or another location on your body would still work.

This amulet's primary function is to filter out unwanted energies from your field. As such, filters get dirty and need to be cleaned. We suggest energetically cleansing the amulet twice a week or daily. 

To cleanse: Place the amulet on selenite for 8 or more hours.

Cleansing is important! This amulet ceases to function if goes too long without cleansing.

** These devices are not intended to cure or prevent any illness or disease. 
If you need medical attention seek the advice of a professional healthcare provider.

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