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Self Confidence and Prosperity Amulet

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This amulet focuses on bringing prosperity, money, and self confidence energy into your life. 

Made with a mixture of prosperity gemstones, the full effect is much more than just prosperity.

Prosperity is different than money in the aspect that prosperity includes a safe roof over your head, food in your belly, proper transportation and all things that fall under survival and abundance. Energy speaking its more important to attract prosperity than just money. Money can come with issues, and often doesnt solve as many issues as one would think. Where prosperity is much easier to gain, and solves much more problems than money will. This amulet is designed to attract both money and prosperity. In addition its also designed to clear up issues that prevent gaining money and prosperity.

Citrine: Attracts the accumulation of money without greed, allows generosity without loosing your wealth. Prevents overload and allows a stable pace in life.

Amazonite: Attracts prosperity, increases self confidence. 

Tigerseye: Attracts prosperity, helps break it through difficult areas of life, softens stubbornness.

Garnet: Helps to visialize what you want in life, helps you get up and go get it. Attracts prosperity and money through productivity. Best stone for making your best life happen.

Hematite: Grounding stone, draws out that which you dont need. Aids in prosperity by grounding your energy so that your survival center is clean and healthy (money is a survival energy).

Dragon Bloodstone: General money/prosperity stone, also aids in health and a healthy circulatory system.