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Harry Potter Style Magic Wands

Not all wands on this page are from the Harry Potter Movies, some are simply all wooden wands. 

Real Wooden Wands: Our line of Harry Potter style wands are crafted from real wood, unlike the official Harry Potter wands which are made from resin and break rather easily. 

NOT Official Harry Potter Wands:
Our Harry Potter style wands are made in the likeness of the wands used in the Harry Potter movies. Our Harry Potter style wands are NOT official Harry Potter Wands. But they are made from real wood and are suitable for play or magick. All due respect to WB, J.K. Rowling and her team.


We have the following styled wands from the Harry Potter movies:

Harry Potter's Style Wand
Hermoine Granger Style Wand
Elder Style Wand
Sirius Black Style Wand 
Severus Snape Style Wand
Voldmort Style Wand
Fleur Delacour Style Wand
Cho Chang Style Wand
Ron Weasley's Second Style Wand
Ginny Weasley Style Wand
Cedric Diggory Style Wand
Bellatrix Lestrange Style Wand
Minerva McGonagall Style Wand