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Merlin's Digital Library

All books offered here are Electronic books, these are NOT physical products. Your digital download is available the moment you complete your purchase.


Welcome to Merlin's Library. Here you will find Merlin's collection of magical ebooks and texts. 

In the past, magical books were one of the most cherished objects. Books that could reveal secrets of the universe and how to wield its magic. Today, many of these books are available electronically, with the ability to arrive instantly (almost like magic). 

Magical information is the root of all witches and wizards, we crave the secrets of the universe (at least I know I do). 

Without further adieu, I present to you, my collection of electronic books and papers.

Merlin's Library has a total of 49 ebooks and a small collection of miscellaneous magical texts in its collection. 

Each electronic ebook purchase pushes us further to collect, write more magical texts and in turn, grow Merlin's Library. 



All ebooks and texts are currently on SALE! 

There is a great value and discount if you purchase Merlin's entire library collection valued at over $245, currently on sale for $24.50 (90% OFF!). I encourage you to support Merlin's Library by buying the entire library collection.