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Pyramids are difficult to craft to our high standard, because of this pyramids are discontinued during our busy seasons. You may email us and request one any time of the year (with limited success).

Quality pyramids are a wonderful addition to any house, I personally have two I use in my house, one for charging and another to wear on my head for meditation and de-stressing. 

Pyramids are commonly used for energizing objects with pyramid energy. 

Main Uses For Pyramid Chargers:
Anti Aging Water
Energizing gemstones to be stronger
Energizing a magic wand to be stronger
Power/fuel source for spells
Pain relief


Don't believe us, feel the power for yourself.

Align the sides of the pyramid to the cardinal directions (align one side to the north).

Place anything you want to charge in the pyramid.

Wait between 1 day (mild but noticeable charge) to 30 days (full charge) 

De-stress: Wear the pyramid on your head, the de-stress effect usually happens within 5 minutes. 

US-based and Russian based pyramid research has shown that wearing a pyramid over your adrenal gland in the head reduces or prevents the release of Cortisol (stress hormones) when you are having a stress response. 

This basically means that when you are feeling stressed you are experiencing the hormones from stress, wearing a pyramid over your head stops these hormones, and you stop feeling stressed. 

I personally love pyramids for this function, if you ever feel stressed in the head or body, put the pyramid on your head. Wait 5 minutes, its much like going from angry to neutral. I would remove the pyramid after 5-10 minutes and it was like resetting my stress levels.

If you are not stressed, wearing the pyramid feels euphoric (for 30 minutes), I suspect this is from bio activating the frontal cortex of the brain, the area attributed to euphoria.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We do not claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease.

Source research on pyramids and Cortisol:

Anti Aging Water:
Place a water bottle in a pyramid (ideally glass bottle). Wait 1 day, drink the water and place another water bottle in the pyramid for the next day. Drink pyramid water daily for best results.


Information about the Giza pyramid being used as a powerplant and the ancient tunnels beneath them: 

Giza pyramids are not what you think