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Apprentice of the Flame Wood-burned Oak Magic Wand

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Apprentice of the Flame Wand

“I am a being of Violet Fire,

I am the purity the soul desires.”


While forming this wand, I studied the teachings of St. Germain and his words on the Violet Fire. White Fire is so intense it burns up all energy, whether positive or negative. Violet Fire on the other hand, is gentle enough to leave the positive energy yet release the negative. Very powerful anti-fear workings.


The Wand represents my current understanding of the teachings, which is why it is the “Apprentice” form. It would be well used as a focus for Violet Fire work.


Wood: Red Oak (Strength, Magical Longevity, Protection)

Length: 12 inches

Notes: Pouch and basic manifestation instructions included.

ONE OF A KIND: Once it's sold, its gone.