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Atlantis Crystal Power Healing Wand #AHC002

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Atlantis wands tend to not be showy or fancy, they are simple and effective as a healing tool.

This Atlantis Power Healing Crystal Wand is powered with a Neodymium Magnet in the end, with North facing toward the crystal. This crystal wand will automatically produce a strong subtle energy beam out of its tip. Noticeable by the majority of people who play with it.

Length: 2 inches

Materials Used:
Quartz Crystal: Cut to shape. 6 Sided crystal
2 Neodymium Magnets: Keep away from credit cards, do not use magnetic devices on anyone who is pregnant. 
Resin Epoxy: After great amounts of testing we have concluded that epoxy is safe to use for energy devices after the drying/curing process.
Copper: Copper helps to break through energy blockages


Clearing energy blockages with a Atlantis Power Crystal Healing Wand:
Point the crystal at the area needing energy work (on the body), move the crystal back and forth slowly over the area needing work. Then move the crystal back and forth slowly in a different direction. Continue until the area feels better.

Hand Balancing:
All energy meridians that exist within the body converge in the hands. Point your power crystal wand at your hand, slowly move the crystal back and forth over the palm of your hand, move up and down each finger a few times.


Common Experiences Using the Atlantis Power Healing Crystal Wand:

Tingling Sensation:
This is common, pain is unable to exist with the tingling sensation. 

Uncomfortable pull in painful areas when moving wand over area:

This mild sensation will not continue after treatment, it basically feels like massaging a sore muscle. This is the energy moving through the energy blockage, keep moving the wand back and forth until you no longer feel the uncomfortable pull. When the pull sensation is gone the blockage is cleared in this direction. The sensation is likely to come back when you change directions, then after doing two directions the sensation will leave all together. Congratulations, you should now feel physically better.

Subtle energy overload:
This is not common, but can occasionally happen. If the person receiving the energy from the wand feels overwhelmed, simply stop using the wand on them and instruct them to try and relax, everything is fine. Next time use the wand on them for half the time. 

Final Notes:
Instructions and Selenite stone included. Place your power crystal on Selenite for automatic cleansing of the crystal.

 One of a Kind: Once it's sold it's gone. Actual picture of product shown.

We do not claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you need medical attention seek the advice of a professional health care provider. Use our tools at your own risk.