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Ash Dragon Protection Inlay Wand

  • 14700


Wood: Ash
Length: 12 inches
Stone: Amethyst
Inlay Materials: Dragon's Blood Resin, Shungite, Brass
Crafter: Merlin
Weight: ???
Handle: Leather

Inlay Notes: Wand shaft inlay made with deep inlay with lots of Dragon's Blood, Shungite and Brass.

Ash: Traditional protective druid wood. Ash is a flexible wood, allowing flexibility to magic working to manifest the deeper intention rather than a few stray thoughts. Great protection wood.
Dragon's Blood: Anti bacterial, has been used to treat wounds (Protection, Healing)
Shungite: Protection stone, draws out and cleanses unwanted energies out of the air. Healing. 
Brass: Brass, as a copper alloy kills 99.9 % of bacteria within 2 hours of contact. Protective metal.
Amethyst: Spiritual protection stone, prevents possession from spirits. 
Leather: Soft armor, shields energy. Protection.


Overall Concept:
 This wand was designed purely for protection, defense, and for the magickal warrior. All main six materials for this wand have been chosen for their protective qualities. Designed to defend and break curses, protect from psychic vampires, unruly spirits, astral entities, or generally anything otherworldly that means you harm. Blessed by Merlin with dragon protection energy, and his personal "Thou Shall Not Pass" spell.