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Basic Wand Usage

A wand is a channel and focal point of energy. Wands are often made from wood, bone, metal, stones and leather.
When the crystals and stones are placed properly, along with being programmed, an energy tool is created. It helps break through energy barriers and promote healing. Wands are flow.


Feel energy from a wand exercise:
First, rub your hands together vigorously for about ten seconds or more to open up the energy pathways in your hands. Hold the wand in your writing hand. (When writing you are sending energy from your mind to paper through your writing hand.) Your dominant hand sends the energy and your other hand receives.
Feel the wand for a comfortable grip (listen to the wand, it will tell you where as an instinct). Point the wand at your other hand. Envision the energy flowing from your center through your arm into the wand, out the crystal point and into your receiving hand.
Whenever sending energy to another person always have their permission first. Never use a wand when you are angry. The wand absorbs that negativity, and you want to release or dilute it, not direct it anywhere specific.Wands like all devices should be cleansed on a regular basis to keep the energy clean and pure.
Wand energy can be used for healing, concentrating amulets, programming common items, balancing and grounding yourself, increasing a skill, to create your future the way you desire and many more purposes.
All types of healing are forms of opening up the energy flow, and breaking down blocks, returning to a balanced state. Each cell acts like a battery, in constant use. Eventually these batteries run out of energy, resulting in failure of the organ and body.
Stress, nerves, headaches, cuts, and basically all pain, even mental and emotional, can be healed. All of these things are blocks in your energy flow. Stress: the energy pathway of letting go is blocked. Nerves are energy pathways from the brain. Cuts: the pathways on your skin have been severed. Headaches: blockages of blood or another imbalance occurs when the necessary energy cannot reach the brain. When you are emotionally hurt it is because you aren't letting go of the pain (energy block).
Because cells act like batteries, eventually a wand will lose its charge resulting in lower energy output.
To recharge: place the wand in a specially-built pyramid charger for a strong charge. Or alternately place in sunlight or moonlight (preferably full moon). Or hold the wand in both hands and send energy from your hands into the wand. Envision the wand glowing with a brilliant white light. This may take longer but it helps open up the flow inside of you. Charging the wand with both hands can be draining of your own personal energy when charges are needed often.
Pyramid chargers have the ability to constantly charge so the power that is stored from the charger is intense and longlasting.
Wands are sensitive to energy, picking up vibrations around them. If you allow anyone to handle your wand, be sure that you want their energy in it. It is best to keep your wand wrapped in cloth, to keep the wand isolated from the outside world and the energy pure to you, with no contaminants. Often black and violet work best (unless your intuition tells you otherwise). A well-made wand wrap also cleanses the wand with a violet flame energy.
Another way to cleanse is to use burning sage (smudging). Hold the smoking sage under the wand and envision the smoke absorbing all the negative energy from the wand as it passes. Or place the wand in a river. The moving water washes all unwanted energy away. Be sure to have your wand tied to something secure, so it won't disappear!

BASIC MANIFESTATION: Take a few slow deep breaths, allow your body to relax. Envision the energy that you desire all around you. See yourself living as you desire. Where are you? What are you doing? Who and what surrounds you? How do you feel? How is life? Envision those answers, hold that energy inside you, feel it, then pick up your wand and send the energy up into the universe, saying "I will travel from the depth to the light. I am my own universe, capable of all things. I create my own destiny." Like energy attracts like energy. When you send energy into the universe, the energy will come back once it has properly transformed itself.
When manifesting a love partner, make sure you don't specify a certain person. Feel the love energy and the true person will come.

TALENT OR SKILL: Do the above exercise but this time ask yourself where do you train for this skill? Envision yourself on training grounds. A master is present, who is going to teach this skill. The master begins to train you, and you visualize practicing the skill over and over. Your master gives you tips every now and again. You notice yourself becoming better and better at your skill. Your master is smiling and nodding while watching you. Keep this up, the longer you stay in this place the more skillful you become.

BALANCE AND GROUNDING: Hold the base of your wand with the tip pointing up. Take a few slow deep breaths. Envision yourself alone in a peaceful, natural setting. Perhaps a dense forest, mountain peak, waterfall, ocean, winter snow, or a sunrise. Hold that vision, look up at the sky, look around you, take a deep breath. What does it feel like here? What do you smell? Is there a breeze, rustling leaves, or snowflakes dancing in the wind? Feel this energy. This is your ground. Call upon this energy when you are in need of grounding. Or if you have the time, sit, relax, and repeat the exercise.

WARNING: Some wands contain magnets. Magnets can damage pacemakers, computers, cassettes, and some electronic devices.