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Chakras and Cording

A chakra is an energy center that has a physical location in the plysical body, but is not of the physical body. There are seven main chakras corresponcing with points along the spine.
To say the chakras are balanced means they are open and in alignment so that energy can flow through the body freely. When chakras are out of balance and the flow of energy is blocked, you are more likely to get stuck when dealing with life's problems. A key to handling stressful situations is to approach them from a balanced state.

7- CROWN chakra, just above the top of the head, puts you in touch with the experience of unconditional love and connectedness with the universe. Center for intuitive, empathic psychic ability.
6- AJNA (brow) chakra is the chakra control center
6- THIRD EYE chakra governs wisdom, knowledge, and the ability to know what is true. The center for telepathic psychic ability.
5- THROAT chakra concerns thoughts, insights, and communications.
4 HEART chakra governs feeling states such as happiness, love, sadness, anger or grief.
3- SOLAR PLEXUS, below rib cage, relates to the movement of the body, exercise and travel. It is the center for
power, health, and career issues.
2- PELVIC or SPLEEN chakra, just below the navel, is the center for sexuality and creativity.
1- ROOT chakra, base of the spine, relates to instinctive, survival-oriented issues. Contains memories of all past lives and unresolved conflicts.

Auras and Cording:
Clearing the aura involves restoring the integrity of the electromagnetic field surrounding the body, and releasing any negative influences. As you go through the day, interactions with the environment or other people can pull the electro-
magnetic field out of balance leaving holes in some parts and compressing it in other parts. Negative influences come from absorbing other people's negative emotional states, such as pain, grief, anger, exhaustion, etc.
Cording refers to the energy that another person focuses on your or in your direction. Cords of energy tend to attach themselves to your chakras, and are experienced as energy drains. People cord others unconsciously and consciously, in order to get support and energy boosts. Decording stones or meditations are effective ways to remove unwanted cords. This will not remove cords you want to keep, such as energy attachments between parents and young children, or between intimates or close friends.
Fluorite is a superb aura cleanser and rids it of unwanted energies. It keeps others from making energetic attachments that are not desired. Simply hold to forehead for fifteen seconds for rapid clearing. The stone then needs fifteen minutes to recharge itself. Use the color you find most attractive for greatest compatibility. Balances all chakras