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Don't cast a love spell

I get these email questions often,

"Can you cast a love spell for me?"

No, and you don't want to either, nor do you want someone else to do it.

Love spells focused on a specific person go against their person will, a tabo thing you don't want to do in magic. Additionally it tends to work out badly with unwanted side effects.

Here is the biggest reason.

You don't want to start a relationship with a hostage situation.

My best advice is: DON'T DO LOVE MAGIC. 
Don't take another heart hostage, these are bad moves and only push you further away from the true person you should be with. 

When it comes to love, walk away from magic.


"Can you help me get my ex back?"



"Can I cast a love spell on my Ex?"

The short answer is: You really, really, really shouldn't. This includes casting a love spell on anyone specific.

In other words, the path you are attempting to follow is filled with pit traps and doesn't lead anywhere worth while. Turn back while you still can (and don't consider magic to be a solution for your current situation).

I speak with over 20 years of magickal practice and study. For your own future, please, please, please don't cast a love spell on anyone. It breaks the code of free will and does nothing but hold everyone involved back. It's not going to be good for you, and it's not going to be good for the person you want to cast a love spell on. 

If you want your ex back, you are welcome to try. Just don't use magic. 

Controlling for forcing anyone to feel or do something using magic has horrible long term effects on the caster (and the victim). If you take away some ones free will through magic, you are basically trying to make them a puppet. If you do this the universe has a way of making you a puppet and taking away your free will. 

Freedom of will is a sacred thing, and should never be taken away. Now is a wonderful time to appreciate that you still have your freedom of will. For the sake of your own free will, please don't try and take another's  away. 


It is my intention to help steer you away from anything dangerous in magic. Your future and continued growth is important to me. Please stay away from love magic. This includes paying anyone who says they can do it for you (even if they do it for free). Don't believe them, it won't be helpful.


So what can I do?

If you are dealing with a breakup, my advice is to try to focus on what you do have. Focusing on what you no longer have will be painful. Dealing with a breakup isn't easy, but as time goes on it gets easier.