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Energy Vampires and how to protect yourself

Do you feel drained around specific people?
Do you feel like someone is draining your energy specifically?

The process in which others take your energy is called cording. They will create an energetic cord that attaches themselves to a single or to multiple of your chakras so that they can take your energy. They will cord specific chakras depending on which type of energy they want to take from you, emotional cords will usually attach to the front heart and solar plexus chakra.

Mental and spiritual will cord your head, those who want sex or money from you will often cord your first or basic chakra. These drains will sap energy away from you in both energetic and in physical ways, disrupting the balance of your life and of your personal health. The good news is: Knowledge and practice will keep you immune to these energy vampires.

The Knowledge: The basics of defense against vampires and the dark arts.

You have the Power:
Others cannot do anything energetically to you without you allowing it. When you dont know the details, you automatically allow anyone to mess with your energy. But when you know certain basics you can stop them, basics like.... Others cannot do anything to you energetically without you allowing it. Your energy is within control of your mental abilities, your energy will follow your thought, automatically. With this, you can have control over the energy within your field.

Energy Vampires, use Cords:
Those who want to curse, use Cords:
Anyone who is going to take your energy, or try and hurt you with their energy is going to need a way to take that energy away from you, or a way to send it to you. 99% of the time, these methods are through cording. In short, if someone is going to try to hurt you, they will cord you. If you cut your cords often, they wont have a way to take your energy or a way to send you their curse energy.

Any energy that can affect your life, is within your personal energy field:
Whether you are energetically drained, or think you are cursed by another, the energy condition is within your energy field. The universe is not out to get you, and there isnt anyone who can make the universe out to get you. But if the energy within your field is attracting negative influences from the universe then you may experience unwanted situations. You are much like an antenna broadcasting what you choose to experience into the universe. If anyone is going to affect you, they will need to affect your personal field of energy. The good news is that your personal field of energy is under your control (when you have awareness of an aspect of it).

Not all cords are bad, cords are used to exchange information and all types of energy, you will automatically have positive (and sometimes negative) cords with your lover, your parents and your children. The cords that need to exist will automatically re-attach themselves when needed after you have performed any de-cording exercises.

The solution:
De-cord twice daily. Its quick, its easy and you can get your energy back.

Mental de-cording:
One of the easiest and most useful forms of de-cording. With experience you'll be able to mental de-cord the instant you notice someone start to cord you, or the moment you start to feel drained by them. If you have fluorite, place it on your forehead while performing your mental de-cording.

Imagine: Close your eyes, imagine your energetic body with cords of light attaching to the chakras in the front of your body, the front of your head, top of your head, back of your head and to the back chakras in your back.

Cut: Focus on a single cord, imagine a pair of scissors cutting that cord, try to feel the cord being cut within your energy. Move on to another cord, and repeat the cutting process until all of your cords are cut.

Advanced: When mental de-cording becomes easy and natural for you there will no longer be any need to use fluorite or to close your eyes. It will have become a mental energy program that you can activate at will. Whenever you notice someone cord your energy, or when you feel them drain your energy simply perform your mental-decord to the area they are cording. They will likely try a number of times to re-connect their cord, simply disconnect it each time. After a few tries you will likely notice their frustration at failing to cord you. At this stage, I congratulate you, now you are skilled at keeping your own energy.

Using your arm to cut cords physically:
Functional and strong form of de-cording, often most useful for de-cording someone else. This method can be difficult to de-cord your own personal back chakra cords.

Imagine: Imagine your arm is a glowing white sword.

Cut: Swing your arm in front of the person you are de-cording (safely away from hitting them) so that you could cut the cords attached to the front of their body. Do the same to cut the cords on top of their head and the same for their back.

As your arm (imagined to be a white light sword) will sever any cords it cuts through. When you cut the persons back cords be prepared for them to wobble a little, if their cords were strong enough they may wobble enough to fall over. Its up to you to catch them. Cords are physical, the have a physical pull. When we adjust to the cords we balance ourselves to the pull, when the cords are cut our balance needs to re-adjust.

Fluorite is a special type of gemstone that naturally fluffs the aura, making it harder for cords to have an anchor within your field to hold on to. If you carry or wear fluorite it will naturally make it harder for others to cord your energy. Place fluorite on your forehead when you are performing the mental de-cord for a stronger disconnect.