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Healing Coils

Our healing coils are quite powerful tools, these are not toys and their usage should be taken seriously. Please read this entire documentation before using our healing coils devices.

When used properly these coils have very noticeable positive effect, if misused they can create further imbalances. It is very important to understand their concept and usage. It's really quite simple once you understand it all.

We do not claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you need medical attention, seek the advice of a professional healthcare provider. 

These devices are intended to be used in addition to modern medical practices, not as a replacement for them.

DO NOT use these devices with anyone who currently has cancer. 

Kids, babies and pets are sensitive to energy, and shouldn't be allowed to play with these rings for over 5 - 10 minutes of time. Short exposures are not a concern.


The Basics:
You have a physical body, and an energetic body. These two bodies are both closely connected. One of your energetic body's many functions is that it carries energy. Some of this energy is used to support your physical body, your emotional state, mental state, some is used for your daily activities, and some for your desires and wants. 

These devices work to help heal your energetic body. They do not work to heal your physical body directly. Again, if you need medial attention seek the advice of a health care provider. If you are slightly injured and you know first aid, tend to yourself physically first. Once you are physically tended to, then you can use energy to help increase the healing speed, or the help relieve pain.



Be smart: Take care of physical body first, energetic body second.  


Three Basic Energy Conditions:

  • Full of clean flowing positive energy. This is the ideal energetic condition. 
  •  Low energy, which will affect your ability to function, including your body's ability to physically support itself. 
  • Congested or blocked energy, which results in a large list of problems depending on the blockage. If the energy cant get to where is needs to go all supported systems down the line from the blockage will not be functioning well. Most physical and emotional issues are blockages or congestion, pain is a wonderful tool in this case, it will tell you exactly where the blockage is.


What the Coil Rings Do:

  • The natural copper colored coil rings energize the energetic body.
  • The purple or blue colored coil rings drain the energetic body.

It's very important to remember, dark coils drain, bright copper coils energize. 

If relief is felt from using just the energizing coil, its best to use just the energizing coil. The draining coil should only be used when energizing itself doesn't seem to help.

The draining coil (blue or purple coils) weakens and drains the bodies energy field, and should be used sparingly and lightly. The energizing coil strengthens and repairs the energy field and should be used more than the draining coil.

To understand the basic concept, if you were low on energy you would use just the energizing coils to increase your energy. If you were filled with a congested energy you would want to drain out the congested energy while replacing it with a cleaner energy. Lets cover some ways to do this.


Basic Pain Relief (on self):

  • Place the draining coil ring as close as possible to the location in pain.
  • Hold the energizing coil ring in your hand or lay it on your chest, as long as its touching or very close to your body its okay.
  • Continue treatment for 5 - 15 minutes, or until pain has gone away.

What to expect: Relaxed muscles in the area of the draining coil. Tingling sensation around the pain and energizing coil. Pain may migrate toward the draining coil, eventually the draining coil will completely drain the pain (if its strong enough). More serious pain requires stronger coils.

As long as both coil rings are around the body during treatment there is no risk. If the draining coil ring was used without the energizing coil ring (energy low), then simply spend some extra time holding the energizing coil ring with the draining coil away from you (energy up).


Whole Body Flush:

This method will find the largest blockage within the body and work through that blockage first, it will then find the next largest existing blockage and work through it. 

  • Place the energizing coil in your right hand, and the draining coil in your left.
  • Wait 5 minutes.
  • Swap the devices in your hands. (Draining in the right, energizing in the left)
  • Wait 5 minutes.

What to expect: Mild nausea when first using this method is common and should not be a concern. Its simply the body adjusting to the quickly moving energy throughout the body. 

Tingling sensation where the blockage is located is common. Often the tingling goes away when the blockage is cleared. Then the next major blockage will begin to tingle.


Congestion Headache:
Not for usage with dehydration or low blood sugar headaches.

  • Place the draining coil ring directly on the top of your head, or hold it where you feel the pain most. 
  • Keep the energizing coil on you, but away from your head.
  • Continue until the headache has resided.
  • Remove the draining coil from your body and carry just the energizing coil ring for 10 - 20 minutes afterwards.

What to expect: Feeling light headed after a headache treatment is common, drink some water and keep the energizing coil ring on you (but away from your head) for a while.


Increased recovery from an injury or surgery: 

  1. Drain the energy away from the affected area using the draining coil ring for a short period of time, 30 - 60 seconds should do it.
  2. Energize the affected area for a longer period of time 60 - 120 seconds should do it.
  3. Repeat the first two steps 5 - 10 times.
  4. Repeat the first three steps daily.

What to expect: Tingling sensations and mild pain relief from the injured area is common. 


We do not claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease. If you need medical attention, seek the advice of a professional healthcare provider. 

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