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How to become a real Wizard

You are not born a wizard, you become a wizard. You already have the powers and magical abilities that a wizard needs. But, learning to use them to do magic is just a small part of being a wizard.

Becoming a wizard is not an easy task, there are no simple set of instructions to become a wizard. The path and journey of becoming a wizard is a process between you and the universe, I cant make you a wizard. Becoming a wizard is up to you.

The easiest path to becoming I know of is:

Step 1: Research and find out what being a wizard means. 
(More on this later)

Step 2: Work to become what you understand a wizard is.
Step 3: Repeat step 1 through 3.

These steps are necessary because you couldn't work to become something you have a limited idea about. Most people don't know what a real wizard is, part of the process of becoming a real wizard is finding out what a real wizard is. Each person is going to have a different idea about this, and because of this each wizard is likely to be very different from each other. 

A wizard must be able to see truth behind illusion. This requires the wizard to learn to see through what is fake, the student to become a wizard should question everything to see if it has truth or if it exists more as an illusion. Question everything, question reality.

A wizard that cannot see past illusion will be stuck in the muggle physical world. Being able to see the reality of magic and the reality of the magical world (in truth, not just in fantasy) is part of being a real wizard.

The student of the universe often sees the universe as a puzzle, the wizard strives to learn and solve aspects of this universal puzzle. 


Learning about Being a Wizard:

Becoming a wizard will require you to know what a real wizard is, to learn about real magick and manifestation. 

Ideally, I would suggest apprenticing under someone who knows real magic. If you are unable to apprentice under someone then best option is The Grey School of Wizardry. This school has very affordable tuition for both underage wizards 12 - 17 and adults 18+ . 

If online schooling is not an option for you I would suggest you pick up a good book on magick. Scott Cunningham and Silver Ravenwolf are two great authors to start with. Their books are available at major retail books stores and online at Amazon.


Being a Wizard:
Being a wizard also requires doing things like a wizard, otherwise, whats the point? Being a wizard for many, boils down to doing some magick. 

Magick can mean different things for different people, for me it means manifestation and spell work. Manifestation is making things happen using your mind and extensions of yourself, spell work can mean many things, saying a verbal incantation, mixing a potion with healing intentions, burning sage to clear energy or many other forms of energy alteration.

Merlin's Realm understands your desire to jump in an want to play with some magick. Now, as a Wizard, I want to warn you, magick is not a game or a toy, what you create with your magick you are going to have to deal with. Real magick is powerful stuff. Think long and hard before you decide what you want to create with magick.

But if you are ready, Merlin's Realm has created a Complete Starter Wizard Kit that you can purchase that includes a blank spell book, a wand, 7 spells and some other gear to get you started on  your path of a wizard.