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How to program a crystal

What does programming a crystal do?

Crystals are tools of light, they reflect, condense, focus and emit light. Our bodies give off light, its just not visible to the human eyes (except for aura sight). Crystals are beings of light, if a crystal is within your possession it is because the crystal chose to be there, not the other way around. If a crystal doesn't want to be around for any given amount of time, it wont. They have a tendency to just disappear. If you know crystals well you have already experienced this. Then when they choose to be present you will find them in the middle of the floor or desk, in a location you have just looked over a dozen times looking for that exact crystal.
These beings can be instructed to do certain tasks.
Bring prosperity into my life, stated as "I HAVE prosperity in my life". They can be programmed for anything you can imagine, love (not from a specific person), money, success, protection, courage, discipline, focus, mastery of skills, understanding a book or substance, you can program a crystal to aid you in the understanding and added skills of wand making. The possibilities are endless! Anything you can imagine, you can create!

Clear quartz crystals are the most versatile and programmable of stones. They naturally produce clear sightedness. They help you see what you need to see. Able to heal what needs to be healed. As soon as something is noticed on an energy level or on an intellectual level, it can be altered.

First visualize what you choose to program, then ask the crystal you intend on using if it will be willing to do this task. Then listen, If you feel good or if you hear a Yes then move on, But if you don't feel good about it or you hear a No then try for another crystal, we have to respect their wishes if we intend to do any decent crystal programming.

To program a quartz point, hold it in the left hand and concentrate on something you want manifested in your life while looking at a particular facet of the crystal point. When you have the idea clearly in mind and well-focused on the facet, tap it with your right finger.
The more you use the crystal for its desired intent, the easier it will drain or weaken. You may want to clean or re-program it on a regular basis. Wire-wrapping a crystal keeps the programming in longer.

Remember to visualize having what you desire. Don't say to yourself I need a new car or I need a new job. Visualize/say I HAVE a new car or I HAVE a new job. If you manifest a NEED for something, you will have a greater NEED for something. Manifest HAVING something instead.

Basic Enchanting:
Another way to program a crystal is to hold it between your hands, close your eyes and focus. Imagine what you will create, then rub the crystal in between you hands so that it rolls back and forth, and state strongly your intent to the crystal.
"Crystal of divine light, Crystal of divine light, Crystal of divine light."
Or "Healing Crystal, Healing Crystal, Healing Crystal.
You get the point.
After Programming seal the crystal by saying to the crystal "This is the task you have been given, This is your focus, I seal this energy within.
The energy is sent the energy is free, this is my will, so will it be.
(this seals and decords you from the crystal and sends it on its path)

Congratulations you just learned how to do a basic Enchantment!