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Learn Telekinesis to prove magic exists

Many people ask me to learn telekinesis so that that can prove to their friends magick is real. 
This way of thinking creates a huge problem.
Right To Not Believe In Magick:
Every person has their own right to choose their way of thinking and their beliefs.
Believing in magick or not believing in magick is a person right, when you prove magic exists to someone you have taken away their right, may have stunted their mental growth and possibly caused a mental injury.
Magick Is Not For Everyone:
Magic is something that is hard to believe for many people. They have built up their idea of the universe around them with mental building blocks, if you prove magic exists you will break some of their base building blocks. When this happens this persons entire universal building can come falling down. In this case this person may have a mental breakdown. If you are the one who told them about magic, their mental breakdown will be your fault.
The Need To Have Others Believe You:
Some people who want to believe in magick need others to also believe in magick for it to be real for them. 
Do you need to convince anyone you are human? To still be a human?
No you don't, because you are a human.
Do you need to convince anyone magic is real? To still have it be real?
No you don't, because magick is real whether they believe it or not.
When you learn magick, you will know things other people will not be ready to learn. One of your jobs is to not tell them.
There is an old magickal saying:
To Dare, To Know, To Will, To Be Silent.
I want to put emphasis on the "To Be Silent" part. Learning to be silent about your magick is a very important part of being magickal.
In the olden days people would be killed for talking about magick. Today not everyone is accepting of magick. I have listed seven countries in which witchcraft is illegal or you can be killed from a mob for practicing it. I don't want you to be afraid of learning magick, I just want you to learn the importance of being silent.
1. Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia’s religious police department has an official Anti-Witchcraft Unit that it dispatches to catch sorcerers and break their spells. In 2007, the Saudis executed an accused sorcerer. A woman awaiting the death penalty for alleged witchcraft died in prison.
2. Tanzania
This east African country killed approximately 600 elderly women on charges of witchcraft just two years ago.
3. Gambia
Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh rounds up, tortures and kills his citizens under the pretext of hunting for witches.
4. Nepal
Last year a mob burned an accused witch alive after a shaman said she killed a boy. Their faith in the shaman suggests that Nepalis believe that sorcery can be used for good, but the punishment for black magic is death.
5. India
A primarily female crowd killed two women believed to have murdered several children through witchcraft. As in Nepal, police arrested people suspected of participating in the mob. Some Indian states have adopted laws banning violence against people suspected of witchcraft
6. Papua New Guinea
A crowd tortured and murdered a young mother accused of killing a boy through sorcery. They burned her alive before a large audience, some of whom broke off to chase police away before they could intervene. The prime minister lamented that violence against women is increasing because of the popular “belief that sorcery kills,” despite a law that specifically prohibits burning suspected witches.
7. Uganda
After burning a man’s house down and driving him from his village, locals tied him up and beheaded him for alleged witchcraft. While Ugandans kill some suspected witches, they pay others to help them with things like ensuring job security.
Be smart, you can learn and know magick, but not everyone is going to accept you, so learn to BE SILENT.