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Magickal Protection

Written Personally for Valerie, this page cannot be accessed without a direct link.

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A few notes for personal defense against those who wish you magickal harm, and to remove their influence on your life.

1. If someone wants to seriously curse you, you'll need to physically remove them from your life. Restraining order, and distance are your friends. I understand this is not an issue in your case.

2. Do not allow them to physically obtain any personal objects. If they physically own a personal item of yours then we have deeper issues to deal with (if this is the case, let me know). If they do not physically have a personal item of yours, then there isn't as much to worry about. If the item was both of yours and its cursed it will effect the caster as much as the target victim, not a great plan for the curser.

3. Know that your energy follows your commands. No one can harm you with energy or magick if your energy doesn't allow it. Know you are safe and you are. I am unable to put enough empahisis on this, an entire library on the single subject would be unable to properly explain how, why and the importance of this. Its the basic of magick, you create what you focus on. So, focus on "I AM safe".

4. Protection exercises:
Get into the mind frame of defense, wear purple clothing and leather if possible. Armor up physically if you can, it will help your mind frame of "I AM defending"

Protect your items:
Hold (or visualize if you cant hold it) your item to be protected, imagine that it is surrounded by a protective layer that cannot be altered by ______ person. Pull up your will power, project this will into your object. Do this for each object you are concerned will be cursed.
This is basically instructing your energy to repell his.

Protect yourself: Golden Light
Visualize yourself being surounded by a brilliant golden light, imagine anger frustration and hate being sent to you from the one who wants to harm you. Except when this anger, frustration and hate touches the golden light surounding your body imagine it turn into love, then when you feel it you feel nothing but love.

Protect yourself: Violet Fire
Supreme powerful energy protection.

Repeat outloud; (5 - 15 minutes of chanting is very powerful)
"I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity that the soul desires"

Final notes:
Removing your connection to these items is not an option, this would be akin to removing your arm because it's being attacked. Personal items are a part of you, they carry your energy. To magick and energy, they are you. Even if you had no personal items, the curser will still try to curse you, ultimately that is what you are defending against. It strikes me that they are targeting your items because they are trying to take the "things" away from you, thinking that you will be more harmed if didn't have your things. To them they win if they successful curse your items, and they win if you disconnect from your items.

This entire cursing action is a fear based tactic. If he wanted to do the curse right, you wouldn't know about it. If he told you, then hes trying to play psychological mind games so that you curse yourself.
Know you are safe, know he doesn't have power over you. If you don't know this, convince yourself.

I'll send you some of my guardian energy along with the Archangel Michael. I have already completed my protection exercise for you and it was quite powerful.

This gift of energy will arrive/activate when you choose to accept it. If you do not choose to accept it then it will not affect you. This energy is given freely, requires no re-payment and will not be forced upon you. Again, its yours if you choose to accept it, if you don't it will simply disipate 24 hours later. I want to offer the energy without forcing your will on any subject. It's my path to empower others, not to take their power away.

Qualification for this information:
I have owned an ran a magickal wizard store for the past 14 years, I have been approached a couple dozen times from people who told me they were being cursed. Those who listen and practice my exercises came back and thanked me for helping them. A couple of them came back and stated that they were were convinced I am an angel (I don't view myself as an angel). I have defended against a good number of attackers defending those asking for help, and as of this time I have defended every single one of them. If you choose to accept my protecting energy he'll have to go through me too. Finally, I teach magickal defense to a select few students that find me in my store.