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Manifest your Own Reality

All magic usually revolves around making our life in balance and harmony, so that we can have, money, prosperity, happiness, love, security, and everything or every other energy we wish to have within our lives. Its a process of creating what we want, or more to the point, creating what we choose.

Many of us like to think that we do not have control over our lives, after all it is easier to blame others for our mishaps, Its not my fault, they did it to me. Or the classic, God has a plan for me. Leaving the creation of our own lives in the hands of another. I tell you this, the great plan that is laid out before us is to create our own brilliance and create our own wonderful experiences, based on our choices of who we choose to be.

We are all prisoners here of our own device. The world does not give us bad deals and unwanted experiences, not on an essence level. We create the situations that surround us, not consciously for most of us. The world responds to what we create. If we say we choose to have love, yet feel lonely all the time the world will respond with more loneliness.

There are two main reasons why we create darkness within our life:

1) The darkness helps us see our true light, and give us an opportunity to show how brightly we shine. It is part of the process of creating who we truly are.

2) We don't know any better, we are not aware that we create our surroundings and/or are not aware of how and why we are creating our current surroundings.
Creating based on reaction rather than based on desire and choice.

Most of us go about life with the Have/Do/Be state of mind. If I just HAVE more time or money then I could DO the things I always wanted and then I could BE happy. This is not an effective way of creating in this universe, It creates a never-ending chase after what is wanted. "Havingness" does not produce "Beingness". Ever hear of the people who have everything and are still not happy?

We all have been told it backwards. What seems to work a lot better in this universe is Be/Do/Have. First BE what you want, happy, loved, compassionate or whatever. Then DO things from this state of being and you will discover that these actions will bring what you wanted to HAVE.

In life you do not have to do anything.
It is all a question of what you are being.

Our thoughts, our words, and our actions create much more of our surroundings than we think. If in our thoughts we think I don't not have something or I need something we create not having something or more of a need for something. If we say over and over god I'm having a bad day, guess what, you just created having even more of a bad day. If we act as if we didn't have something the universe will respond with allowing you to not have it. Like energies attract, if you project a lacking energy, the universe gives you more lacking energy.

The universe always gives us what we manifest, it's in disciplining our thoughts, words and actions that we can create what we want consciously.

If you dwell in sadness your surroundings will reflect your thoughts, allowing more sadness to arrive. Like energies attract, and all mind frames reproduce themselves. If you feel happy you will attract more happy people in you life.

There is an optimistic and pessimistic way to look at everything. One spirals upward and the other spirals downward. If you think the worse of everything you will create more of that experience, but you are aware of the possible short coming. If you are optimistic you can see the possible greatness in any situation, but you may miss a possible falling out if you are blindly optimistic.

When learning to ride a motorcycle I learned to watch where you are going, if you watch the ground, that's where you will end up.

The best way I've found is to be aware of the situation. Start by viewing the situation as divine, this is an opportunity to grow greatly. Then look at the whole situation from a place of love, and try to see the best of all sides of the situation. We must change the way we think, mind frames reproduce themselves. If we always think of the worst, we will surly attract the worst at some moment or another. If a negative thought crosses our mind replace it with three positive ones, and you will begin to see your thoughts and mood change. Mood is a very powerful energy, it is a statement to the universe of how I feel. I apologize for repeating again, energy re-produces itself, feeling bad will produce more feeling bad experiences. The art is to change how we are feeling, but this is hard because we already choose to to feel bad and because of this the universe offers us more feeling bad energy - reproduces itself. Change you thoughts about a thing, when you mind starts going in the downward spiral and you start thinking about the bad things in the situation, turn it around and start thinking about the positives of the situation. Do your best to think about every positive aspect of where you are now. This simple method (although can be difficult to the untrained mind) can produce wondrous effects in ones life.

Even when in complete darkness keep looking at the bright side of things, it will keep you headed for the stars.

We are all divine beings sent on a path from the divine stream. We are the light sent to remind ourselves who we truly are, not the illusions of what we "think" we are. We are not slaves to our circumstances, we are divine creators.

We have the ability to create our entire existence, every little detail of it. Not just an ability, but its something we do every day. It's just that for most of us we do it without consciousness, without direction, creating by default. Creating our reality as a response to our viewed reality. We are creating a reaction of a reaction.

Once we realize, fully realize that we create every moment of our personal reality, then we can begin to learn that what we choose to feel about our reality directly connects with what we manifest in our reality.

The problem is how do I feel happy when I'm currently feeling sad?
Change how we look at a thing, change our "perception" of what we are allowing ourselves to feel sad about. Strive to find the positive in every moment, especially when you are not feeling on your positive side of your scale.

With simply changing how we look at things, we can change our entire reality, and possibly the way others look at theirs. But not by force feeding ideas or perceptions. Force fed ideas, even enlightened ones don't digest well within the person. The best way is to teach by example, If it worked for him, maybe It could work for me. But unless someone asks for your help, let them discover it on their own. All great masters knew this, give the help someone is willing to receive, not the help you want to give them. Help them for them, not for yourself.